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These word clouds were all made by Wordle, a very nice free tool that used to reside at but now appears to be defunct — but I have a local copy of the Java applet that I continue to use.

You might wonder why I've done this. I find word clouds to be a useful way to quickly visualize the key concepts that a paper is about. I sometimes wish that websites like the Web of Science would display word clouds for all papers returned by a search, for example; for me, at least, that would make it much faster to find which papers are relevant. So I'm trying to promote the idea by doing it for my own papers. I also find the process of creating a word cloud for my own papers to be an aesthetic capstone that finishes off the paper for me; it is a way of celebrating the completion of a manuscript and crystallizing its essence.

For a more traditional list of my papers, see my Publications page.

Notice: By downloading any of the following publications, you are effectively requesting a reprint for research or educational purposes. None of these publications may be used for commercial purposes, and the definitive versions of journal publications are found on the respective publisher websites.

Á.J. Láruson, M.C. Fitzpatrick, S.R. Keller, B.C. Haller, K.E. Lotterhos (2022). Seeing the forest for the trees: Assessing genetic offset predictions from gradient forest. Evolutionary Applications (early view). doi:10.1111/eva.13354

M. Munasinghe, B.C. Haller, A.G. Clark. (2022). Migration restores hybrid incompatibility driven by mitochondrial–nuclear sexual conflict. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289, 20212561. doi:10.1098/rspb.2021.2561

J. Cury, B.C. Haller, G. Achaz, F. Jay. (2022). Simulation of bacterial populations with SLiM. Peer Community Journal 2(2), e7. doi:10.24072/pcjournal.72

M.V. Matz, E.A. Treml, B.C. Haller. (2020). Estimating the potential for coral adaptation to global warming across the Indo-West Pacific. Global Change Biology 26(6), 3473–3481. doi:10.1111/gcb.15060

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B.C. Haller, A.P. Hendry. (2013). Solving the paradox of stasis: Squashed stabilizing selection and the limits of detection. Evolution 68(2), 483–500. doi:10.1111/evo.12275

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D.J.R. Brook, C.J. Richardson, B.C. Haller, M. Hundley, G.T. Yee. (2010). Strong ferromagnetic metal-ligand exchange in a nickel bis(3,5-dipyridylverdazyl) complex. Chemical Communications 46(35), 6590–6592. doi:10.1039/C0CC02233K

B.C. Haller. (2013). The role of heterogeneity in adaptation and speciation [Ph.D. thesis]. McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 309 pp. URL.

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