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Eidos is an open-source scripting language that I developed as a part of my work on SLiM in the lab of Dr. Philipp Messer at Cornell University. Eidos is pronounced "A-dose", with the accent on the long "a" (as in "day"). It is a Classical Greek word (εἶδος) meaning "form", "essence", "type", or "species"; it is the word that Plato used to refer to his Forms. Eidos is a very simple language, designed to be very lightweight and very fast (at least considering that it is interpreted). It is influenced by R, C, and Objective-C. For more details on Eidos, please see the documentation below.

This page is a repository of resources and links related to Eidos. If you have something related to Eidos that you would like to be linked here, please let me know.


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Eidos is not currently supplied as a separate downloadable source archive. The recommendation is to download SLiM and extract Eidos from the project. You can download either the current stable release version or the development head from SLiM's source code repository at GitHub.

B.C. Haller. (2016–2022). Eidos [version 2.7.1]. Home page: GitHub repository:

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