SLiM Workshop: 4–8 November 2019, NYC  

Dates: 4–8 November 2019 (DONE)

Institution: CUNY (City University of New York), Columbia University, and AMNH (the American Museum of Natural History)

Hosts: Michael Hickerson, Connor French, Brian Smith, and Deren Eaton


Andrea Paz (CUNY)
Ariadna Morales (AMNH)
Brian Smith (AMNH)
Carlos Alonso Maya Lastra (Columbia)
Connor French (CUNY)
David Carlson (SUNY)
Deren Eaton (Columbia)
Edward Myers (Smithsonian)
Elkin Tenorio (CUNY)
Frank Burbrink (AMNH)
Glaucia Del-Rio (LSU)
Gonzalo Pinilla-Buitrago (CCNY)
Gregory Thom e Silva (AMNH)
Jenna Hulke (Texas A&M)
Kaileigh Ahlquist (Brown University)
Kathryn Mercier (CUNY)
Li Li (Hunter College, CUNY)
Lídia Farias Martins (INPA)
Lucas Rocha Moreira (Columbia)
Lukas Musher (AMNH)
Melina Giakoumis (CUNY)
Michael Hickerson (CUNY)
Naoko Kurata (AMNH)
Natalie O'Shea (CUNY)
Rilquer Mascarenhas da Silva (CUNY)
Sarah Marion (Duke University)
Stephanie Yan (Johns Hopkins)
Stephen Gaughran (AMNH)
Tommaso Chiodo (AMNH)
William Milligan (Columbia)

no group photo; we forgot!

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